Mr. Alexey Koshcheev » Alexey Koshcheev ( Mr K ) - Computer Science Teacher

Alexey Koshcheev ( Mr K ) - Computer Science Teacher

I am Mr. K. This year (2020-2021) I will be your Computer Science teacher. Iā€™d like to make a brief introduction about my professional background. I have taught in different schools in Russia for five years and I had different practices of work in the biggest companies in Russia.
Please get ready for both some fun and some important thinking. This course may be different from what your student expected. Your facilitator is a certified teacher, and an engineer. He has over 15 years of experience in using, developing, and training others to utilize technology. These aspects of his background enable him to help your student understand and apply technology in positive ways.

We will learn some basic skills and concepts to get started. But, we will also be completing a number of exciting projects where kids will begin to develop a vision for how they could use technology to help themselves, and others, in their futures.