8th Grade English

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Within this course students will be using a combination of Collections, Rewards, Study Island, as well as additional resources to achieve mastery of the Arizona College and career readiness standards for 8th grade English. We will be working together for a total of two hours a day to cover reading, writing, and grammar studies. Within your schedule this will show as two class periods, reading and composition. This website will be updated routinely so that students, parents, and guardians will have ongoing access to what we are covering in class as well as what is expected for them to accomplish at home. 

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Tuesday, 8/11/2020, meetings postponed until Wednesday

Hello team, 
I wanted to give you a heads up that I will not be holding zoom meetings tomorrow. Meetings will resume on Wednesday at the times posted in the calendar. 
Please work on week 2 lesson 2 independently and I will go over work with you for both Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday morning. 
Thank you, 
Rebecca Ortega 

8/6/2020- Technical DIfficulties!

Hey AMSA Family, 
Unfortunately today I'm struggling to get ZOOM to cooperate with me. I apologize that I missed the 9:00 ELA 7b/7c meeting. 
I will continue trying throughout he day to reach you guys! Should you need any help please feel free to email me with your questions. 
Rebecca Ortega